José Aguiar

Comic artist, scriptwriter and editor of the independent publisher Quadrinhofilia, which has publish the series Folheteen and Vigor Mortis comics. José has received several awards such as Ângelo Agostini and the Trophy HQMIX, besides being the winner of the 1st National Contest for Comics of Senac-SP. In France, he drew the series Ernie Adams and also drew for the collection Un Jour de Mai. He is the co-creator of Cena HQ, a project that puts on monthly drama readings of HQs in the theatre as well as Gibicon – International Comics Convention of Curitiba. With his book Reisetagebuch – Uma Viagem Ilustrada pela Alemanha, he was the illustrator nominated for the Prêmio Jabuti, the most important Brazilian literary award. Nowadays, he publishes his comic strips Folheteen on the cultural magazine Curitiba Apresenta and the strips Nada Com Coisa Alguma on Gazeta do Povo newspaper and on his website Brazil’s Childhood is his first webcomic